7 STEPS to a Healthy Prostate

Let’s pretend for a second that you have all the time and resources in the world to make yourself as healthy as you can be. You instantly will think that it is a task that would require a large amount of work on a daily basis and that it surely is not an easy project to undertake. It is partially true, certain changes that take some work must be implemented in order for you to have a healthy prostate and pain free life. However these changes are rather simple and all you really need is to alter a few lifestyle habits. It is really very possible, and if you want to know how to make your prostate healthy, keep reading!

Did you know that most of your prostate problems are a result of your lifestyle?


7steps11.   First reason for prostate problems is LACK OF MOVEMENT. By nature we are meant to move around and not sit still for hours. Yet modern lifestyle comes with many comforts such as a car and an elevator and comfortable office chair. Jobs most of the time are the sitting kind, where you are stuck in one spot for hours. The body does not receive nearly as much movement and muscles don’t get stimulation they need in order to work properly. Same goes for your prostate gland. When you put pressure for hours on it by sitting, the blood in the area becomes stagnant leading to all sorts of prostate problems. So get moving! Walk, run, take stairs, exercise, just don’t sit too much!



2.   Another reason for prostate problems is BAD DIET. Let’s look at an example of an average Joe who is an office guy and likes beer and junk food after work with his friends. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that junk food has almost no vitamins or minerals or anything healthy of that matter. Vitamins and minerals are exactly the things that your body so badly needs in order to have a strong immune system and healthy sexual function. Moreover too much salty foods and alcohol builds toxins in your body that overtime lead to deterioration of your health and aggravate prostate symptoms. Toxins negatively affect lymphatic and immune systems, which are in charge of cleansing blood. Bad blood in the urinary and sexual systems equals to all sorts of dysfunctions. So avoid junk food at all costs, eat healthy foods, eat fruits and veggies and take supplements and you will feel a huge difference in how you feel!


3.    Last factor in prostate problems is HAVING TOO MANY SEXUAL PARTNERS. Yes, too many sexual partners instead of one steady partner can lead to bacteria and inflamed prostate. So if you are a single guy, then being selective in your sexual choices is key here. It is always better for your health to have just one partner or to satisfy yourself. Contracting a bacteria or infection from an unprotected sexual intercourse is a very common reason for prostate problems!

So if you want to fix something in your health you need to start with changing a few of these bad habits. Let’s have a look at the steps involved in establishing the ultimate healthy prostate regime. We don’t expect you to follow all of them, but even small changes will make a difference! Even if you try implementing only a few of these steps into your existing routine, it will help to make your prostate much more resilient to disease and infection and much less prone to give you cause for concern.


7Steps4Sitting for prolonged time is never good for your prostate, because t puts too much pressure on the region and causes it to feel sensitive. If you can’t avoid too much sitting, because of your job, try and use a special soft cushion or donut pillow, it helps to relief the feeling of discomfort and prevents your condition from getting worse overtime.

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As for exercising we don’t need to tell you that its good for you! But the main reason why exercise is important is because of its ability to help increase oxygen and blood circulation throughout our bodies, including the prostate. Moreover, exercising will improve your mood, your physique, decrease your chance of diabetes and heart attack, release stress and improve your sexual function. The more we exercise, the less likely we are to have the build up of fat tissue, which is loaded with toxins. Last but not least, exercise helps moderate the glucose level in our blood, which in turn could prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate.

It is especially important to exercise as you get older, because with age your sexual performance is bound to suffer one way or another. You will always be worse that the guy that frequently exercises! Age takes its toll and its important to not only stay in shape but also to maintain your sexual shape. You don’t necessarily have to engage in high intensity workouts and be a marathon runner, even walking and jogging and doing some stretching or playing a ball game now and then will do. Get a gym membership, play basketball with your kids, go for walks in a park nearby, go swimming – choose the workout that you really enjoy and stick to it!

It is true, that often we simply just lack motivation to work out and it stands in the way of changing our lifestyle to “active”. There is another alternative solution for your prostate to get sufficient blood circulation. Prostate massage is also an exercise with a special focus on the muscles in your prostate! Read more…


7Steps5Following a proper prostate friendly diet can help make a world of a difference in how you feel. The main idea is to add specific minerals and nutrients into your system and make your body strong enough to fight any bacteria and disease. Zinc is the number one vital mineral for your prostate and sexual health. It is found in peanuts, chocolate, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, oysters and meats such as veal liver, low fat roast beef and lamb.

Omega 3 fatty acids is another essential nutrient to look for as it helps lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is a big enemy for your health overall because it prevents healthy hormonal exchanges. Buy eggs enriched with Omega 3s, take linseed oil, wheat germ and fish oil or simply take fish oil capsules as a supplement.

Just as you need to add some things to your diet, you also need to avoid some! Avoid prostate irritators such as pop drinks, black tea, coffee, junk food, oily greasy foods. Try to follow organic diet if your budget allows, buy free ran, antibiotics free meats, shop at local farmers markets instead of large grocery chains, it is always much healthier choices there with less chemicals. Chemicals in foods are known to lead to excess of masculine hormones, the elements that cause hypertrophy of the prostate. Drink your liquids, aim for 8 glasses of water a day! It speeds up toxin elimination.

Also avoid or lessen your alcohol intake, especially red wine and beer. Alcohol has a tendency to aggravate prostate and worsen the symptoms.

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7StepsPantsCold is the one factor that has been shown to aggravate and worsen prostate symptoms. Many complain that their symptoms actually get worse during the colder seasons of the year. While we don’t suggest that you move to Florida tomorrow, we do recommend that you should always keep yourself warm, especially down there. Dress appropriately when it is cold out, use a heating pad when sitting on cold surfaces and wear warm underwear or underpants to keep your prostate warm. Avoid at all costs sitting on cold benches or other cold surfaces in winter!

Another great way to warm up your prostate is taking warm baths and Sitz baths. Sitz bath is a great pain reliever as well. Just add some Sitz salts into the bath and relax for ten minutes. This is especially useful if you feel that you were exposed to cold  for prolonged period of time and need to warm up!


fml-a0012-000036.jpgThe more you know the wiser you are! This is especially true when it comes to your health. We are not suggesting that you obsessively google every symptom you have or that you try and diagnose yourself, no don’t do that. But learn about your condition and treatments out there all that there is to know, because being up to date on the latest health trends and treatments will help you make better choices. Read health news or health specific journals, visit forums where others like yourself are discussing latest prostate news, products and treatments. In one word, be in the know!

Also, don’t neglect your health and do visit your physician and urologist frequently. Get a clear diagnosis, hear the doctor’s advice, have health exams performed – you want to make sure you are doing everything in your power to prevent your condition from getting worse. Don’t wait until it is too late, be proactive, because the earlier you catch the disease the easier it is to beat it!


7stepssupplementsIt is practically impossible to receive all the vital nutrients and minerals through your typical diet. This is exactly the reason why supplements should be a must for anyone wanting to boost their immune system to fight disease, or prevent it. When it comes to prostate health, taking supplements is especially important as some of the most essential extracts for prostate maintenance are not easy available. You body needs weapons to fights the disease and you get these weapons in the form of these vitamins and minerals. Without weapons your army is simply not strong enough.

Some of these are saw palmetto and beta sitosterol.  Majority of prostate supplements use these ingredients because of their well known benefits to the prostate. It is the easiest way to help your prostate be as healthy as it can be, so don’t ignore this step and get right on it!

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7Steps9That is probably the easiest step to follow! Indeed, such simple act as having sex is an incredibly powerful way to keep your prostate healthy. If you can have sex twice a week or better yet more, you’ll be doing your prostate a big favour. The reason why is because you keep the fluids moving and flushing your system, which prevents stagnation and prostate inflammation. One thing worth mentioning though, stay safe especially if you don’t have a steady partner! Unprotected sex can lead to bacterial infection and in many cases can be the cause behind the problem to begin with.

If you don’t have a sexual partner, don’t worry. Masturbation is just as great, because it is an act of ejaculation itself that is good for your health, and that can be done without a partner. So go ahead and enjoy yourself!


7Steps10Another easy step to help keep your prostate healthy is to implement prostate massages into your regular life routine. This is a simple, discreet, do it yourself, centuries old, alternative treatment that works by stimulating your prostate gland, improving the muscle tone within the region and improving blood circulation. You need to do it a few times a week for a few minutes in the shower and the results are usually astonishing and can be seen in just as little as 6 weeks of regular practice. Best way to perform a prostate massage is with a properly designed prostate massager. You can easily find one on the market, but be weary of those prostate aids that were originally designed as sex toys. You will get the most value for your money if you go for a medically designed device with vibrating frequency.

You can also perform prostate massage using your finger. All you need is a latex glove and a little bit of lubrication. You can even include it in your lovemaking sessions, as prostate massaging can be an incredibly amorous act, and may even induce ejaculation on its own. Although the most effective and easiest way still is using a proper device for your prostate massage.

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