A Closer Look at the Foods that Harm Your Health

A Closer Look at the Foods that Harm Your Health

foods that harm your healthBy now, we are all well aware of how the food we are putting in our bodies each day is becoming unhealthier. The thing about that it isn’t the food items that you would expect to hurt your body that do. It is all about how the animals are raised and fed and what kind of pesticides are being used by the farmers that grow your apples, the hormones and steroids being injected into their cows and what is really in the water. What are some of the worst foods for your body and why are they bad for you?

Farmed Salmon

I worked in a restaurant for more than six years and am still surprised at the number of times I was asked about whether the salmon being served was wild or farmed. I didn’t understand because I figured they all tasted the same. I didn’t understand then what I know now about it not being about the taste, rather it is all about what is in the salmon.

Wild salmon aren’t being put in the position to absorb more pesticides and chemicals that would cause harm to your body. When you eat farm-raised salmon, these fish have more of these harmful chemicals in them and those chemicals get transferred to your body. These salmon also have PCBs, carcinogens and brominated lame-retardants and studies have shown that the most contaminated salmon come from Northern Europe, which often find their way into your local restaurant. Salmon and other type of fish are also not meant to be living in close quarters and eating the food particles that they are prone to eating when farmed.

Non-organic Potatoes

For men, potatoes are part of their diet plan more often than not. Whether it is baked, mashed or turned into French fries, it isn’t uncommon to find potatoes on dinner plates in one form or another. The biggest problem with potatoes and other root vegetables grown in the ground is the fact they are prone to absorbing various fungicides, herbicides and pesticides found in the ground naturally and absorbed when treated with these chemicals. There has been interviews with several farmers that say they wouldn’t feed their family potatoes that they sell and actually grow potatoes for their family to eat.

If you want to keep eating potatoes, you need to eat organic. These potatoes cost more than their counterpart and will need to be refrigerated to keep longer, but considering the chemicals on non-organic potatoes can’t be washed off, it is better for your health and the health and well-being of your family.

Canned Tomatoes

Anyone who has followed the blog posts I have written here on Total Prostate Health will already know about the hatred I have for canned tomatoes, but it is something that needs to be repeated. Fresh tomatoes are some of the best food items you can eat on a daily basis, but when you are eating tomatoes that have been canned, all the positives are being outweighed by the negatives. Bisphenol-A is found in the lining of these cans and this synthetic estrogen has been connected to many health problems including diabetes, reproductive issues, heart disease and obesity. Among the reproductive issues that can develop include chromosomal damage to the eggs of the female and the suppression of sperm in males.

Due to the acidic feature of tomatoes, the chemical is absorbed into the food and transferred to your body upon consumption. If you can’t eat fresh vegetables year-around, look for packages that say BPA free or just look for tomatoes in glass jars.


The documentary Food Inc. went into the negative aspect of soy to the point where all I need to do is tell you to watch the movie and you will understand why soy is so bad for you. The short version is this. More than 90 percent of soy sold in the United States has been modified genetically. The biggest worry with this is the genetics of a plant are changed or modified, it can lead to hormone imbalance when consumed or even worse, cancer. Unless the labels on your soy products say GMO free, you will want to look for alternatives.

Non-organic Apples

While the idea of going to an apple orchard in the fall to pick you own apples sounds great, depending on how those orchards treat their trees, you may be getting apples that are loaded with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Non-organic apples are considered to be one of the most contaminated fruits you can eat because of the number of times they are sprayed with pesticides. It has been proven that farm workers that have been exposed to pesticides more often face a likelier chance of getting cancer. There have even been studies linking pesticide exposure to Parkinson’s Disease.

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