For those men that experience prostate issues, one of the best ways to go about protecting your body is by using the proper tools. These proper tools are made to help prevent health issues from developing in your body and when it comes to one of the best ways to do this, the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion is at the top of the list. This cushion provides you the support you need to keep your health where it should be and does so in a discreet way. It doesn’t only work at helping your prostate health, as it is also made to help prevent any pelvic discomfort. It is also a viable solution for those looking to correct conditions like prostatitis, an enlarged prostate or even those experience pain following surgery on their prostate.

Designed to Relieve Pain

The designers of the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion did their best to provide a cushion for those who need it the most. It is made of two layers of foam that are shaped the proper way by avoiding any pressure from being put on your prostate and pelvic area when in use. By leaving your prostate with proper ventilation and air, your prostate will remain relaxed, thus avoiding any chance of it becoming irritated and swollen. By having your prostate ventilated, it is allowing your blood to flow through the body properly, avoiding any painful situations from developing. When the blood vessels become restricted and are being damaged with each passing hour of sitting, your chance of developing these prostate issues increases. That is where the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion comes into play and works to improve your circulation.


When one experiences prostate problems, the first image that they would get would involve a donut that is placed on their chair at work, home or in the car. This is embarrassing and the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion ensures that nobody will know the exact reason of why you have the cushion. The center of the cushion is cut out which is how it allows for the proper ventilation of air when sitting, but the hole is concealed with the material and appears to be any other seat cushion meant to provide extra support.

Magnetic Therapy

One aspect of the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion that sets it apart from the competitors is the use of magnetic therapy to help heal the body. This type of therapy has been used to heal injuries for centuries ranging from sprains to inflammation to arthritis. Developers of the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion knew about the healing power of magnets and created this unit with a powerful magnet directly below the prostate. The magnet isn’t sat on directly, as it is suspended within the cushion and will encourage the natural healing process. Because of the placement of the magnet, the blood flow and supply of oxygen increases and reduces swelling and inflammation as well as providing pain relief.

The Warm Healing Feeling

Another part of the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion that makes it stand out is that it has an opening to put a heating patch. For those that have already suffered episodes of severe pain during infections to flare ups of the prostate, you were likely told to take a warm bath to help improve circulation in the region. The Biolectrix Prostate Cushion takes this idea and advances it one step further. It is built with a small chamber within the cushion where users can put a small iron-based patch that will help the region for as long as six hours. During this time, blood flow and circulation will improve and the warmth is ideal for cold conditions like metal outdoor benches or even seats at a sporting event.