Prevention of BPH through Lifestyle Changes

preventionBPH, which is also known as enlarged prostate, is caused by the hormonal changes and growth issues in the body. Major BPH symptoms include post-urination dribbling, feeling of urine retention even after urination, forcing the process of urination, urinating frequently, inconsistent and weak urine flow, and flow of urine with traces of blood.

An enlarged prostate gland is the cause behind these symptoms. The gland grows in two ways: either surrounding the urethra or inside it. Irrespective of its manner of growth, the prostate creates pressure on the urethra. As urethra is responsible for the transportation of urine, BPH always affects the process of urination.  Out of the many risk factors, family history involving BPH and age are the two major ones.

Although you cannot change many of the BPH risk factors, you can at least take several steps to improve your BPH condition from getting worse. These steps will make sure that your BPH does not get worse and you do not need medical help. If you are already going through treatment for BPH these steps will help to make it more effective. If you don’t have BPH, you should still take the advice below to reach your ultimate health and prevent BPH altogether. Improve your lifestyle by implementing the changes below:

Practice regular prostate massage!

This centuries old treatment has been proven to help treat and help prevent prostate growth or BPH. This simple ritual of massaging the prostate gland can save you time and resources in the future and prevent from ever encountering serious prostate issues. All you have to do is regularly, a few times a week give your prostate a massage. This can be performed in a few different ways – by using a finger, having visits to a specialist, or using a prostate massaging device, the latter option being the easier, least intrusive and most proper. Prostate massage works by improving the blood flow, releasing the congestion, reducing inflammation and helping the region function at its best. In addition it can improve greatly your sexual satisfaction and response.

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Enrich your diet with fruits and vegetables

The substances that prevent inflammation like vitamins, fiber, polyphenols, minerals, and antioxidants are available in great amount in vegetable and fruits. It has been proven that potent phytonutrient-rich foods decrease the chances of having BPH. Enrich your diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, ideally organic and look for fresh in season produce to maximize the vitamins. Don’t buy frozen or packaged of canned fruits and vegetables – they are useless when it comes to being a source of the required vitamins.

Reduce your intake of red meat

Try and avoid as much as possible red meat, such as steak and burgers. Avoid junk food altogether if possible or at least eat it very rarely. Substitute red meat with lean chicken or fish. Avoid too much fat and grease in your diet and is has a tendency to aggravate your prostate.

Choose plant protein over animal protein

Plant protein is full of nutrients that are required for optimum health of the prostate. Foods that have high plant protein content decrease the risks of having prostate diseases and cancer. There is enough evidence to show that soy isoflavones are helpful in preventing BPH. Beans and lentils are also known to lower the risk of developing this condition. On the other hand, eggs and poultry strengthen the risks of having BPH. Vegetarian diet really works best in preventing BPH. We are not suggesting you being a meat eater all your life now become a vegetarian, but do try and substitute every once in a while!

Have green tea

Apart from many benefits of this great drink, green tea has catechins that move across the body and settle in the prostate. Here, they can regulate the production and behaviour of hormones and may prove helpful in treating BPH. Aim to have a cup of green tea a day, or better yet substitute your coffee with green tea – it has a tendency to have an awakening effect as well as coffee.

Stay away from sugars

Sugars especially from the artificial source are especially damaging for the prostate. Avoid sweets and try and satisfy your sweet cravings with fruits. Moreover, excessive blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes and diabetes often comes hand in hand with BPH.

Include supplements

Supplements provide the body with weapons to fight disease and help prevent it. Take those supplements that are known to be useful in BPH such as zinc, beta sitosterol, Vitamin D, stinging nettle root, green tea extract, and saw palmetto. You find all these ingredients in many different prostate supplements available on the market. Make a habit of always taking a supplement because it is very unlikely if not impossible to get all these nutrients just from your diet alone.

Drink plenty of water but restrict the intake after sunset

Staying hydrating is good for your overall health, it is no secret. It keeps your body cleansed and speeds up metabolism. Consumption of water in good quantity is beneficial for the prostate as well.  However, for getting uninterrupted sleep at night avoid drinking excessive amount of fluid after 7 pm.

Work out regularly

A review of 14 studies done recently appraised the effects of a workout on BPH. It was discovered that BPH could be prevented with regular exercising. A regular workout regime is also helpful in preventing obesity, which is another cause of BPH. So go on and get that gym membership or at least walk and run a few times a week!

Learn to handle stress

Studies prove that stress can aggravate BPH symptoms. Experts advise that the relation between BPH and stress may be explained by the alterations in hormone levels or the role of sympathetic nervous system. You can ease the symptoms by including stress management techniques like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, good nutrition, and exercises in your daily schedule.

Try natural therapies

Homeopathy, herbal treatments, biofeedback, massage, stress management methods, nutritional supplements, and hormone restoration are some of the natural prevention and cure approaches for prostate health and BPH.

Lessen your alcohol intake

To prevent prostate related problems do not drink too much alcohol. Have an occasional drink here and there, but don’t make it a habit to have a beer every day after work. Beer is especially aggravating for the prostate.

Lead a healthy sex life

Sex is believed to be good for your prostate as it constantly stimulates the muscles around the region and maintains the proper function. Enjoy this activity but don’t overdo it! Too much sex can actually be damaging for the prostate. Keep in mind, it is best for prostate health to have one permanent sexual partner vs many different bio environments.

Avoid toxins

Avoid being in the surroundings that have chemicals and other harmful substances. Proximity to toxic materials enhances the risks of getting BPH. Every now and then do a detox and spend a week completely ridding your body of toxins – don’t smoke, don’t drink, eat a very healthy natural organic diet. You will feel healthier in just one week guaranteed!

Reduce the intake of caffeine

Foods that contain caffeine such as colas, chocolates, certain energy drinks, tea, and coffee can cause irritation to the prostate and aggravate BPH symptoms. Go for the decaf options or limit to one cup of caffeinated drink a day.

Lowering the intake of spicy and salty foods

Avoid consuming foods that are high on spices and salt as it is extremely aggravating for the prostate. Avoid foods high in sodium, which is majority of packaged snacks and junk food. And if you absolutely must indulge once in a while, have lots of water.

Abstain from certain over-the-counter drugs

Avoid the usage of over-the-counter availability decongestants and antihistamines, as these drugs make the BPH symptoms worse.

Do not hold back urine

You will aggravate BPH symptoms and even put yourself to the risk of getting urinary tract infections by postponing urination. Do not procrastinate urinating.

Keep yourself warm

During cold weather, the sympathetic nervous system becomes highly active and is a probable cause of lower urinary tract infections. It is also responsible for the elevation in the prostatic smooth muscle tone, which in turn leads to probable aggravation of BPH symptoms.