Best Foods For Men Over 40 to Eat

Best Foods For Men Over 40 to Eat

best foods for men over 40 to eat

 The older you get, the more you need to worry about the food you are putting in your body. When you reach 40, you need to start cutting out sweets and fats and begin looking at adding more food that will work to improve the health of your heart, prostate, bones, mental health and sex life. You will want to eat more foods that are known to help you fight cancer and illness. In the long run, you are better off changing your eating habits now than dealing with the high costs of fighting cancer and illness later.

What are some of the best foods to eat to better your health in some of the most important health areas?

Prostate Health

Since September is National Prostate Awareness Month, let’s cover the foods you need to eat if you are over the age of 40 that will improve your prostate health.

  • Eat Fresh Tomatoes – At this age, not only should you be eating fresh tomatoes, but you should be avoiding all canned fruits and vegetables to begin with. All of these canned items feature extra preservatives to preserve their shelf life, but they don’t improve your health. In the case of canned tomatoes, the tomatoes found in these containers are high in bisphenol-A, a BPA that has been found to increase the chances of developing prostate cancer.
  • Look for Omega-3 Fatty Acids – This is one of those things that your doctor probably told you to eat more of when you were in your 20s. You may have neglected that suggestion because you aren’t a big fan of fish, but once you hit 40, you don’t have a choice anymore. Omega-3 can be found in salmon, flaxseed oil and sardines. When you eat these foods that have high Omega-3 totals can actually decrease the progression of prostate cancer, as well as the inflammation that can come with it.
  • Pomegranates – Pomegranates are good for you for numerous reasons. Among the reasons is they are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. There have even been some studies that claim that the consumption of pomegranates will actually kill cancer cells and help with the treatment and/or prevention of an enlarged prostate.
  • Eat More Vegetables – This is another one of those things you have been told to do for years, but never listened. The more fresh vegetables you eat, the higher the chances are that you will prevent an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate can lead to ejaculating problems, so when you correct this issue, everyone wins.

Sexual Health

We already covered that the more vegetables you eat, the better your chances are of correcting any ejaculating problems. That being said, there are plenty of more food choices that are meant to help you improve your time between the sheets.

  • Foods that Boost Testosterone – The older you get, the testosterone levels in your body begin to shrink. This can lead to sexual problems, so one of the ways to correct this is to eat foods that will naturally boost your testosterone levels and promote a healthy libido. Among the foods you can eat that will do this are beets, which are high in nitrates. Beets have been considered a natural form of Viagra in the past, so that should give you a good indication of what effect it will have on your body. Other foods you should eat more of include carrots, celery, lettuce, radishes and celery.
  • Foods with Lycopene – Those suffering from erectile dysfunction should try to eat more foods that have lycopene. Lycopene can be found in watermelon and tomatoes and other popular food items including avocado, spinach, olive oil and oily vegetables. Also be sure to add some garlic to your sauces or take up an interest in oysters, as both these items are considered natural aphrodisiacs.

Mental Health

Finding a way to right your mental health is one of the most important things you can do as soon as you hit 40. The healthier you keep your brain, the less likely it is that you could develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Foods that Counter Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease – We may begin sounding like a broken record here, but if you want to reduce the risk of developing this disease, you are going to want to eat foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. You can get these through the fish already mentioned, as well as through eating walnuts, olive oil and flaxseed.
  • Foods that Contain Vitamin C – The more foods you eat that are high in vitamin C – strawberries, red peppers, and broccoli – the better the health of your brain will be. In fact, most berries are good for the health of your brain and should be consumed daily.
  • Leafy Vegetables – Leafy vegetables aren’t necessarily the most popular type of food to eat for many men, but items like spinach have been known to help improve the health of the brain. In a study of men in their 60s, those that consumed more leafy vegetables over time did better in verbal, memory and other tests compared to those that didn’t eat leafy vegetables.

Cancer Prevention

In the fight against cancer, there are many food and drink items you can add to your diet that are meant to kill off harmful cancer cells and prevent the growth of new cells forming.

  • Drink More of These – If you want to help fight off cancer, you will want to drink more red wine and green tea (preferably not at the same time). When you drink the occasional glass of red wine, your body is supplied with resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes and is known as a relaxing agent that will improve your mental health. When you drink a cup of green tea in the morning, you are also starting the day off right with catechins, which are considered great antioxidants.
  • Eat Cruciferous Vegetables – Yes, we went back to eating more vegetables. You will want to eat these types of vegetables raw. Among the vegetables you can eat to fight cancer are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale. 

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