Best Ways to Protect Your Prostate

Best Ways to Protect Your Prostate

foods good for prostateWhen it comes to protecting your prostate, it is a combination of several factors that will determine how healthy you stay. Among the most important factors that will keep you healthy is the amount of time you spend each day exercising, the amount of times you ejaculate each month, the bad foods and drink that need to be eliminated from your diet, and the foods and drink that need to be added to your diet. For any diet, you need to find the right blend of these factors, but in terms of keeping your body and prostate healthy, it doesn’t get more important than these.


There isn’t much scientific proof that exercising will reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer, but no matter what, it is something that should be in your daily routine. This is especially the case if you are older and beginning to feel as though your body is breaking down. You shouldn’t wait until this time to begin exercising daily, as it is something you should have been doing since you were younger.

Regular Sex or Masturbation

In a study performed by the Cancer Council of Victoria, it was determined that men who had sex or masturbated at least five times per week had a 33 percent lesser chance of getting prostate cancer. The study involved 1,000 men who have the cancer and another 1,250 that did not, all of whom were 20 to 50 years old. The study found that prostate produces one of the many fluids are ejaculated from the body and by completing this act several times a week, will push out any bad substances that cause the cancer.

There was another study from the Journal of the American Medical Association that examined nearly 30,000 men. Those who ejaculated at least 21 times a month had a 30 percent lesser chance of developing prostate cancer.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid

As is the case with any diet, there are numerous foods and drink that should be avoided when trying to prevent prostate cancer.

  • Alcohol: There are studies that have shown that the more alcohol consumed, the likelier the chances are of getting prostate cancer. If this cancer is something that is already in your family and in your genes, you may want to consider removing alcohol from your life at an early age.
  • Coffee: Depending on whom you ask coffee can be a good or bad thing for your prostate health. The thought that drinking something like coffee will keep liquids in your body longer and in turn have a negative effect on your prostate.
  • Any food high in saturated fats: To tell you that foods with a lot of saturated fats are bad for you is a no-brainer, especially when it comes to your prostate. These fatty foods have been found to have a direct link to the development of prostate cancer.
  • Soda and candy: Ok fellas, I know some of you love your candy and won’t give it up, but at least look at the labels and see which ones have the most sugar. These are the candies that should be avoided. The more sweet food you have in your diet, the higher the likelihood of getting prostate cancer. If you need candy, eat more dark chocolate.
  • Red meat: Again, I know you guys love your burgers, but at least if you are going to eat a few hamburgers at the summer picnic, don’t eat them well done. The longer that this kind of meat is exposed to heat, the more dangerous substances are being formed and causing a danger to your body when consumed.


Foods and Drinks to Have

If you want to improve your chances of not getting prostate cancers, there are dozens of food and drink choices that will help you do this naturally.

  • Coffee: As we said earlier, depending on whom you ask coffee is a good or bad thing for your prostate health diet. According to researchers from Harvard University, men that drank at least six cups of coffee had a larger chance of developing the cancer. Those who drank the coffee were 59 percent less likely to get prostate cancer and the study showed that it could be regular, decaffeinated, or even half-caffeinated.
  • Water: Men should be drinking at least a gallon of water each day. This is a natural way to rid your body of toxins, but not many actually complete this task. When you urinate, your urine should be clear and not yellow. When you begin treatment of a benign enlargement of the prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia, you will be advised to up your water intake to help combat the issue.
  • Fish: Next time you take your wife or girlfriend out to dinner, instead of ordering the juicy New York Strip, order their special salmon entrée instead. The more omega-3 fatty acids you can get from your fish like salmon or mackerel, the better off you will be. These foods help to limit the inflammation of the prostate. If you aren’t a big fish fan, recent studies showed that eating oily fish just one time a week can drastically reduce your chances of developing prostate cancer.
  • Leafy Greens: A general rule of thumb when it comes to anything diet related, the more green vegetables you eat, the better off you will be. By eating two or three servings of spinach and other leafy greens each week, you will cut the risk of getting prostate cancer greatly.
  • Vegetables and Fruit: It isn’t just the leafy greens that should be in your diet to prevent prostate cancer. Other fruits and vegetables like garlic, red peppers, berries, orange, beans, and garlic can also be used to fight the development of the cancer.
  • Cooked tomatoes: This is one of the oldest remedies to fight prostate cancer. It was originally determined in the early 1900s that eating more cooked tomato products would reduce your risk of getting prostate cancer. At least two servings should be eaten a week to help keep your chances low.

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