How is Erectile Dysfunction diagnosed?

dealing with EDIt is a common belief that erectile dysfunction is a normal sign of aging. However, it is very important for the patient to seek medical intervention for establishing the real reasons of his impotence, because aging does not necessarily come together with ED and in many cases this disorder can be treated. Usually to diagnose the patient the doctor will have him go through several tests to try and determine the reason behind his erection issues.

Prior to administering any tests the physician studies the medical records of the patient and performs a thorough physical examination. He asks the patient several questions regarding his sexual preferences and lifestyle and he may often also speak with the partner of the patient to get a better picture of the circumstances that may have caused ED.

Next step the physician may put the patient through some tests, including Complete Blood Count, urinalysis, blood hormone studies, and penile biothesiometry.  He may also suggest PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) if he suspects BPH or infection in the prostate. If all tests come out fine, the doctor may suggest a visit to a psychologist to dry and determine whether the cause behind the disorder is psychological.

How to cope with ED

Men suffering from ED need to most importantly have a very understanding and patient partner Ongoing support, compassion and optimism is hugely important for somebody who is dealing with ED. Failure to perform sexually creates a lot of frustration, anger and feelings of inadequacy in a man. Needless to say the relationships suffer as a result as a man will distance himself and may shut himself  off from his partner.

The very first step towards managing ED is to accept the problem, determine the cause and seek treatment.  The patient should be vocal about his feelings and discomfort with the doctor and his partner. Communication and patience is key to saving a relationship. Counselling and sex therapy for the couples also provide support and help make the journey towards recovery easier and less unpleasant.

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