imagehandle_cushion2 donut11Often times, many men will become embarrassed at the idea of carrying a donut around to sit on to protect their prostate health. It is a needed tool for many men, but the jokes and laughter from onlookers will make them uncomfortable. The best way around this is using the Discreet Donut Cushion. This cushion can help alleviate the pain from pelvic floor disorders, interstitial cystitis or other prostate conditions, but it isn’t entirely new. People have been using donuts for years, but those units used to garner more attention than most wanted, while the Discreet Donut Cushion won’t allow co-workers to know that you are suffering from these problems or something like hemorrhoids.

Protects Your Privacy

The Discreet Donut Cushion is something that looks just like a regular cushion meant to help reduce swelling, inflammation and other ailments that could arise from constant sitting. This unit appears to be just like any other seat cushion and is built with the same principle as the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion. It features two layers of cushion with a donut hole cut out inside. It has a stretch cotton cover and gives users a comfortable and discreet option that can be used in your home, office or car. Best yet, this is a cushion that you won’t be worried about leaving behind at work as your co-workers won’t know what it is truly for.

You can purchase the Discreet Donut Cushion normally for ___, but can get it here for ___.

More Comfort than Traditional Cushions

For anyone that spends most of their work day sitting down on the job, you already know about the pain and discomfort that you feel. From back and neck pain to the possibility of developing a pilonidal cyst, the better prepared you are to keep your body healthy, the less likely any of these problems can develop. Some people think that any pillow or cushion will help keep their backs healthy in uncomfortable office chairs, but not all pillows and cushions are made the same.

When you are constantly sitting, your pelvic floor and prostate can begin to feel pain from the restricted blood flow. Restricted blood flow occurs from the pressure of sitting on an unhealthy cushion and the pressure can either lead to new problems or aggravate existing issues. The donut hole in the Discreet Cushion is meant to allow for more ventilation in the area, which leads to less pain. The bottom layer of the cushion is designed to provide full support for your body, while the top layer is meant to give you the utmost comfort.


If you work for a major company that strives to make sure their employees are being safe, then ergonomics is something that is constantly discussed. From your feet being on the floor to your computer monitor being at the right height, your health at the office relies on making sure your workstation is set up right. A major part of this is also the comfort of your chair. If your chair isn’t what one would call comfortable, the Discreet Donut Cushion and its patented design will give you comfort no matter what surface type it is being used on. The unit has a slight lean to it as the back side is slightly wider than the front side. This design will help you with your posture and will help make up for the cushion sinking in with your weight. The overall design of the cushion will please you as it will last longer than any donut you’ve purchased previously.

If you want to address any pelvic pain or discomfort in your prostate area, the Discreet Donut Cushion will help you do so with 100 percent anonymity. Regularly priced at ___, you can purchase the Discreet Donut Cushion for ___.