What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a very common medical condition among men. A man suffering from this disorder is incapable of having or maintaining an erection or is unable to ejaculate. Some men with ED have problems with erection as well as ejaculation. This disorder incapacitates males of having a sexual intercourse and as a result has a negative effect of their sexual relationships and quality of life.

Findings of the National Institutes of Health suggest that nearly 5 percent of men who are 40 years and older between 15 and 25 percent of men aged 65 and up suffer from symptoms of ED on a regular basis. For other men occasional problems with an erection and sexual performance occur every now and then caused by a variety of factors such as stress at work, alcohol consumption, physical exhaustion, worry and anxiety etc.

ED is a serious condition because not only does it cause stress and depression for the male dealing with it, his partner often is the one seeking the treatment because the depression of her loved one is affecting their relationship. But no need to lose hope,  there are ways of dealing with it and preventing it from happening.

Symptoms of ED


One of the obvious symptoms of this disorder is inability to get and maintain an erection during a sexual intercourse or masturbation. Keep in mind that many healthy men without ED from time to time are unable to get or maintain an erection, so don’t be worried if this happens to you. When trying to determine whether you may be suffering from ED you should ask yourself a question:

How often do you experience difficulty or complete inability to get or maintain an erection?

Choose your answer below:

a) Never

b) Very Rarely

c) Sometimes

d) Often, more than 50% of the time

e) Almost all the time

If you answered d) or e) you are likely suffering from ED. Very often the cause of this disorder is psychological and may be related to some traumatic experience in the past. If you are getting an erection at night, your ED is likely psychological in nature ans seeking proffessional help of a psychologist may help to treat this issue and eliminate it altogether.

How Does Erection Work?

When a man becomes excited or aroused from a physical encounter with a partner such as kissing or touching or by imagining a sexual situation the brain sends  a signal to the penis. A bio-chemical reaction follows resulting in increased blood flow in the penis, which makes it take a hardened shape. If at any point this process gets interrupted the erection doesn’t happen. The problem may be physiological or mental and in both cases the erection suffers.

When this happens it is very important for a partner to be supportive, compassionate and patient. This condition can be dealt with and treated or at the very least be under control.

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