Factors Affecting Male Sexual Health

Being sexually healthy does not only mean being able to have an intercourse and reproduce. Being sexually healthy means having a desire to have sex, being able to get aroused, being able to maintain an erection and being able to ejaculate. All the above-mentioned has to be associated only with pleasure and excitement. If any one of these functions is impaired, meaning it is associated with anxiety, pain, discomfort or difficulty than the sexual function needs immediate attention.

Sexual health in males is affected by a host of health problems which indirectly create complications in their sex lives. Needless to say, it is very important that men watch out for various factors that can wreck havoc with their sexual wellbeing. Below is a list of the disorders that negatively influence a man’s sexual health.


Diabetes is a condition where the insulin that is produced by the pancreas remains unused in the body. This phenomenon prevents the glucose from entering the blood cells. Consequently the glucose keeps accumulating in the blood.

As the blood cells are devoid of glucose in a diabetic patient, his body becomes unable to perform major functions properly, including sexual function. He experiences frequent loss of energy leading to lack of libido and other sexual disorders such as ED.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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ED refers to the incapacity to sustain an erection. Often diabetes and ED go hand in hand. Diabetes causes damage to the nerves and the blood vessels that are present in the penis leading to difficulty maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction in turn can lead to depression and overall greatly affect the quality of life.

Keep in mind, diabetes is not the sole cause of ED. This condition often can be caused by psychological issues rooted deeply in the subconscious  and may require the help of a psychologist. In either case, a visit to the medical practitioner is required for getting a clear picture. By discussing diabetes and ED with the practitioner, the patient can know the actual reasons behind his ED and get a suitable treatment.


Apart from ED, diabetes often comes together with depression. A man with a high blood sugar level feels lack of energy most of the time. He may feel socially inadequate, as he cannot take part in activities in equal measure any more.

Joining a diabetes community can make the matters easier for the patient. Talking to other diabetics will motivate the person to improve his health and acquire a sense of well-being.

However majority of time, depression exists in non-diabetic patients and also be a reason behind impaired sexual function. When a person is depressed he has a low energy and low drive for life, including sex life. Seeking professional help of a psychologist is strongly recommended with such disorder.

Prostate Disorders

Prostate disorders negatively affect the physical relationships of the patient because he experiences lower sex drive. This fall in libido category and is largely due to the urinary troubles and persisting sensations of overall discomfort in the pelvic region that the patient encounters on a daily basis. Usually the unpleasant symptoms will  cause anxiety and stress that ultimately result in the loss of interest in sex.

The good news is that the prostate problems are treatable and a high percentage of patients benefit from these treatments. Some of the recommended treatments are practising regular prostate massage, taking prostate supplements, eating a prostate friendly diet and exercising. Sometimes during acute conditions medication or surgery can be the answer. Visiting a health practitioner is always recommended.

Low Testosterone Level

One of the major sexual hormones is the testosterone. It is responsible for maintaining the level of sex drive in men and is released by the testes. Contrary to popular belief, the aging process does not necessarily cause testosterone level to drop. By maintaining a good health, men can preserve proper levels of this important hormone in the body and enjoy a productive life well into the old age.

When the level of testosterone begins to fall certain symptoms start to manifest. Apart from lower sex drive, there are mood fluctuations, lack of stamina, greater exhaustion and irritability and even some deterioration in mental faculties. The patient may suffer from Androgen Deficiency in Ageing Males (ADAM), which is commonly known as male menopause.

ADAM may be caused by a high stress life. High stress levels force the energy resources in the body to move away from the reproductive organs making the patient less interested in sex. Similarly, obesity induces the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The resulting imbalance in the hormones causes overproduction of body fat and damage to the muscular system. Lastly, alcohol too plays a big role  in lowering the level of this male hormone.

Loss of testosterone can be reversed and the patient can return to a healthier and rejuvenated life. He should make changes in his lifestyle so that the stress levels can be brought down. Exercise, recreational activities, eating healthy and active rest are ways to staying healthy well into old age.

How to maintain good sexual health

Sexual health can be maintained by adopting a few healthy habits. It must be remembered that the overall health and sexual health are related. Hence, by incorporating the habits, a man can enjoy a better health in every respect. The sooner the habits are adopted, the longer sexual health is assured.

Everyday exercise. Physical exertion leads to better blood circulation in the body. Better circulation keeps many diseases and disorders away. In fact, since exercising keeps the body weight in check, those men who exercise daily are less likely to become diabetic.

Eating healthy diet. A diet, which is low in animal fat and high in dietary fiber, that is fresh fruits and vegetables promises better health. Moreover, foods that are rich in Omega-3 help raise the level of good cholesterol and strengthen immunity.

Water intake in plenty. Water removes toxins from the body. Concentration of toxins makes the body vulnerable to a variety of diseases. Hence, a daily consumption of at least 7-8 glasses of water is advised for building a stronger immunity.

Regular prostate massage. Including this simple ritual into your life routine will help stay healthy and sexually active way into the old age. It can help treat existing prostate related conditions and prevent further problems. Many men swear by this alternative treatment.

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