Five Ways to Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Five Ways to Fight Erectile Dysfunction

fight EDIt’s one of those proverbial elephants in the room that nobody, especially men, want to talk about. It isn’t premature ejaculation or needing to get a colonoscopy, it is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is something that develops in men as they get older, but it isn’t something that is guaranteed to happen to everyone. For those that are unaware, the technical definition of erectile dysfunction is the “man’s inability to attain or maintain an erection adequate enough for sexual satisfaction.”

There are more than 18 million men in the United States that experience this problem but even though it is commonly referred to in a joking manner on television, those millions of men don’t find it funny at all. As of 2009, there more than 151 million men that resided in this country, but that 18 million tally is less considering the number of men too scared to go to the doctor.

What are the 133 million American men doing each day that is reducing their chances of getting erectile dysfunction? There are medical, natural, and other aspects that could make a big difference in your sex life.


When it comes to helping your body work against the development of erectile dysfunction, one of the best ways to complete this is by watching what you eat. While eating certain foods will help reduce the risk of getting the problem, it won’t automatically correct the situation. Each of the following foods work in their own ways to prevent the development of erectile dysfunction.

  • Chocolate: In what will surely make millions of candy lovers happy, the more chocolate you eat the healthier you may become. It doesn’t mean that you should go to the store and acquire all the Kit Kat bars they have, but since it is a natural aphrodisiac, it will help in moderation. You will want to eat the dark chocolate the most because it is rich in natural antioxidants called flavonoids. Some studies have shown that these flavonoids work at improving the circulation in your body, which in turn, helps your sexual organs get more blood.
  • Oysters: While considered a delicacy that needs an acquired taste to enjoy, the health benefits for men eating this shellfish is easily seen. Oysters and other shellfish in the same family are considered to be rich in zinc, which helps produce testosterone. Without testosterone, your sperm count can be affected and erectile dysfunction could occur. Your doctor may be able to help determine if your erectile dysfunction was caused by low testosterone counts and that was the case, oysters could be an important addition to your diet.
  • Watermelon: One of the most desired foods in the hot summer months, eating more watermelons could help to prevent the development of erectile dysfunction. This fruit contains mostly water, but doctors have found that the small percentage of the fruit that isn’t water could impact your sexual life.  The watermelon rinds have been proven to contain phytonutrients. What this does is relax the blood vessels that connect to and from your penis and has also been known to help keep your heart healthy.
  • Nuts: Depending on the type of nuts you are eating, there are different benefits of each. When it comes to helping to prevent erectile dysfunction, pistachio nuts are known to help the most. These nuts have a high protein count including a protein called argenine. This protein is known to improve the circulation of blood and relax the important blood vessels to and from your penis.


If you are committed to eating the foods that you love, there are medical ways in which you can help fight erectile dysfunction. On the market today, there are three drugs approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Those drugs are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Viagra was the first pill to be approved by the FDA in 1998 and still continues to be the most prescribed medication to help fight erectile dysfunction. When you seek out medical assistance for this problem, your doctor can help to determine which of these medications is best for you. In some case, there have been trial packs created that contain each pill to allow you to see which medicine works best. If this is of interest to you, ask your doctor for more information.


The older you get, the likelier it is that you will develop serious health problems. One way to fight erectile dysfunction and other problems from occurring would be by exercising regularly. Exercising on a regular basis will allow the blood flow throughout your body to remain in motion, especially in the important pelvic area. The least active you are, the higher your chances are of getting erectile dysfunction. Go for walks, run a mile a day, go mountain biking, or swimming. As long as you are moving, your body and sex life will benefit.

Take Care of Body

Again, the older you get, the likelier that you will experience problems in life. One way to help combat this is to watch the amount of alcohol you consume and to quit smoking. With alcohol and smoking, you will be best off by completely eliminating these substances from your body. They both contain sedatives and other chemicals that can cause problems to your sexual organs. You may also want to avoid using illegal drugs and other medical supplements, as these can have negative consequences on your sex life.


In some men, a partial erection is experienced, but completion of intercourse with this erection isn’t possible or pleasant for either party. One way to prevent this is by using an erectile dysfunction ring. There are other terms used for this apparatus but no matter what name is used, these rings are used at the base of the penis. They are meant to constrict the blood that is going out of the penis, while continuing to allow blood to flow into the penis. These can be used on their own or in addition to a penis pump.


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