How Green Tea Can Help Your Prostate Cancer

How Green Tea Can Help Your Prostate Cancer

green-teaAnyone that cares about their health understands the positive effects that drinking green tea has on your body and mind. Green tea is something that has been used as a form of medicine for years. The tea was originally extremely popular across Asia, but has grown into a widespread worldwide phenomenon. The way green tea is processed allows it to keep as much antioxidants and other substances that have positive effects on the body.

How Green Tea Helps

What sets green tea apart from black tea is the amount of antioxidants that remain in the product after being produced. These antioxidants are known as catechins and they have been known to attack the damaged DNA cells, especially those that lead to blood clots, atherosclerosis and cancer.  When green tea is being processed, the leaves are withered by being steamed, not by being fermented as they are for other teas. The catechins epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is especially concentrated with this process and allows you to get the most out of your tea.

In a study published on NCBI, it was found that a daily intake of 600 mg of green tea extract that was highly concentrated could lead to a significantly reduced risk for men developing prostate cancer. Of the 600 mg being consumed, about 454 mg were of the beneficial EGCG.

For those that are drinking their green tea, you only need to steep your bag for three minutes to get the best effect. A statistic that should make millions of more men consumer green tea more, a study from the World Health Organization showed that in Japan where green tea consumption is more than 10 cups  a day, the risk of developing prostate cancer is three times less than the number seen in the United States.

What to Watch for when Buying Green Tea

For those looking to add green tea to their daily diet, there are various ways in which you can get there. You can either drink the tea or take a supplement to get the benefits, but they don’t provide you with the same effect. In a study conducted by Consumer Lab, they proved that there are certain features and facts you need to keep in mind when purchasing your green tea.

The first thing you need to do is look at the label. The label should show its EGCG levels and the higher they are the better off you will be. They found that while the actual level of EGCG was varied in the green tea supplements, but as a whole, they provided the largest amount of the beneficial catechins. When you buy the actual tea, you should avoid those that are produced with nylon filters. Studies have proven that these filters actually reduce the amount of EGCG that is released into your tea.

While most tea manufacturers can be trusted to show all their ingredients on the label, some have neglected to include caffeine. While you might automatically assume that caffeine might be bad for your prostate and overall health, but you would be wrong. A 2011 Harvard School of Public Health study showed that those who drank more than six cups of coffee per day saw a 60 percent better chance of not developing prostate cancer. Of course, without actually knowing if your green tea has the caffeine, you might not know you’re improving your health.

What Could Leaf Contamination Cause?

Not all tea leaves are grown the same way. It isn’t necessarily the fertilizer being used or anything like that, rather the pollutants found in the air. Tea produced in China was found to have high levels of contamination from lead. This isn’t something that you should be too worried about, but it is something that you should know when making your tea purchase. You can help avoid some of these contaminants from reaching your cup by using a tea bag, fine strainer, or even the built-in filter seen in Keurig coffee makers. Ultimately to be safe, do not eat the leaves.

Green Tea Alternatives

Not everybody is a tea drinker. That is a safe assumption to make. For those looking to benefit their health and tea isn’t at the top of their shopping list, there are numerous green tea alternatives that are readily available that can give you the same benefits. There are numerous well-known supplements that are meant to give you the green tea effects without having to drink it.

  • Prost-P10X

While this name sounds like it should for a workout plan, it gives you all the prostate health you want. It is made with only natural ingredients including saw palmetto extract, beta-sitoserol, graminex pollen extract and more. This supplement is meant to give you the positive physical effect of green tea.

There are other green tea supplements that are made from the tea leaves and other ingredients beneficial to your body and soul. Among the most popular are:

  • Omega Sports Green Tea
  • Enzymatic Therapy Green Tea Elite with EGCG
  • Store Brand Supplements

Any vitamin store or health and fitness shop will carry their store brand products. The same can be said of the green tea supplements. As long as you are sure to check the ingredients to ensure that everything you want and need was included in the process, then you should be fine. Look for high EGCG levels and check the number of pills you will need to take each day to reach the suggested 600 mg level. Look for those that won’t require you to take 10 pills a day and buy a new bottle every other week.

What Else Does Green Tea Do

As we discussed already, green tea is a great helper when it comes to protecting your body from cancer, there are plenty other benefits you get from it. Among those to keep in mind when walking through the aisle at your local grocery store are: it helps with weight loss, regulate glucose levels and prevents diabetes, prevents tooth decay, depression, and keeps blood pressure where it should be.


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