How Stress May Be Ruining Your Life

How Stress May Be Ruining Your Life

stressinlifeStress is something that is too difficult for some to get away from. It is something that no matter how hard you try to “keep calm and relax” as the coffee mugs and t-shirts will tell you, it is often difficult to erase from your life.

The actual definition of stress is “the brain’s response to any demand.” Among the things that can cause your brain and body to feel stress would be change. This could be change at work, in your relationship, or even your little girl growing up and going away for college. These are all stressors that can have an impact on your entire life. These stressors can also have a very negative effect on your role in the bedroom. They can limit your ability to stay aroused during intercourse and it could even prevent your body from getting in a mood to have sex.

There are many different types of stress that can have an effect on your life between the sheets and everyone else, but there are many ways to fight it and regain control of your body.

Types of Stress

  • Natural Stress: One form of stress that many don’t think of is natural stress. These are the normal stresses that you have experienced since you were young. It could have been in line at an amusement park ride that you were too scared to go and you began to sweat from your brow and your hands began getting clammy. Today, these natural stressors come from a lot of the everyday events that take over the lives of millions. This could be getting to work on time, paying bills, remembering which parent has to pick up which child and where, or countless other daily activities.
  • Short-lived Stress: This type of stress can occur in anybody from the first time they have to read a book project aloud to their classroom through an expert businessman conducting his thousandth business meeting. That tingling feeling you get in your stomach that is usually called butterflies is really another form of stress.
  • Emotional Stress: There many types of emotional stresses that can develop, with the most dangerous being anger-driven. Depending on the severity of the anger and who it is directed towards will impact whether the stress that develops from anger is short-lived or develops into chronic stress. Anger stress can lead to dangerous consequences in your life including heart attack or even death.
  • Chronic Stress: When your stress begins to impact your ability to function on a daily basis, then you are beginning to cross that line into chronic stress. When this stress begins, it could be considered natural, but the longer it sits in your body, the more dangerous in becomes for you and your family. It can begin to cause problems to your body, both physically and mentally. The constant stress feeling can also cause you to become unhealthy and develop bad habits, such as overeating, smoking, overdrinking alcohol, and more. The more you let your stress take over your life, the more problems you will face and that all leads back to the bedroom.


Stress Leads to Poor Self Image

When a person, man or woman, begin to get too stressed out, it affects them mentally before physically. The physical problems will come if the stress doesn’t get removed, but your mental conscious will even begin to make you feel less confident about yourself. Maybe you added five or 10 extra pounds and you notice that. Now, you don’t feel comfortable taking your shirt off in front of your wife and instead of telling her that you aren’t in the mood to have sex because of something within you, she will think it’s her and that will lead to another form of stress.

Stress Can Lead to Drinking Too Much

The presence of alcohol in your system can have negative effects on your body whether you are stressed or unstressed. It just becomes a problem for someone that uses alcohol as a form of dealing with their stress. Not only will you burn through your money (another stress causer), but you will likely begin to fight with your spouse about things that wouldn’t bother you when sober. The alcohol can lead to bad decisions and ultimately, the more alcohol you drink, the less likely you will be able to perform in the bedroom.

Lessened Sex Drive Outright

The presence of serious stress inside you can make you not want to have sex outright. The thought of having sex is still something you enjoy, but the stress may be overtaking your mind. You may begin to worry about getting your girlfriend pregnant (another stressor) and may determine that it is best for you to not have sex. Again, this is something you probably wouldn’t admit to your girlfriend or wife because you may consider it a weakness and it will in turn make them think the problem lies with them (a serious relationship stressor).

How to Fight Through Stress

  • There are many ways to fight stress and keep your sex drive in a healthy place. If you begin to feel like stress is overtaking your life, the first thing you should do is speak with a medical professional. This is especially important if you begin to use drugs and alcohol to deal with your problems or if you begin to have suicidal thoughts.
  • Another thing you should do to cope with your stress is maintain contact with those who have had a positive impact on your life. This can be family or close friends that have been there to help you deal with problems in the past.
  • Learn the signs that your body is becoming stressed and don’t wait to correct them. Make sure you get enough sleep and limit your alcohol intake.
  • Determine what your most important priorities in life are and deal with them first. If you can’t complete every task on that list, don’t be discouraged. Look at what you did well and grow on that.
  • Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. A healthy body and healthy mind work together and you will struggle with one and not the other.
  • Breathe. When you are having a stressful day, instead of getting angry or upset with yourself or others, take a second to take a deep breath and relax.

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