Lifestyle Changes that Can Reduce Your Risk of Developing Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Lifestyle Changes that Can Reduce Your Risk of Developing Aggressive Prostate Cancer

lifestyle changes to avoid prostate cancerAny chance a man can get of reducing their chances of developing prostate cancer needs to be taken. Prostate cancer is something that can develop in men rapidly and by the time it is diagnosed, could be too late do anything about. At least that was the general feeling before. The World Cancer Research Fund has found that there are eight lifestyle changes that could significantly reduce the risk of developing an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

The study that first released this information was conducted by researchers from the Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA and it first appeared in the “Nutrition and Cancer” journal.

Overall, the lifestyle changes that the study suggests include physical activity and a healthy diet of foods that are low in caloric density. Their study was meant to determine how aggressive prostate cancer was affected when following the guidelines strictly.

The study included 2,212 African American and white males between the ages of 40 and 70 that had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. During the study, the researchers found that those men that followed less than four of the recommended lifestyle changes from the WCRF had a 38 percent higher chance of developing more aggressive tumors than those who followed at least four of the changes.

The research also found that those who ate fewer than 500 grams of red meat in a week had a drastically reduced risk of developing aggressive tumors. The same could be said of those who ate fewer than 125 kilocalories for every 100 grams of food each day.

Lenore Arab, PhD, headed the team of researchers in the study and said that despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer, men can still fight back against the disease. They can do so by following the eight lifestyle changes that the WCRF has laid out.

The eight lifestyle changes you should follow to drastically reduce your risk of developing aggressively moving prostate cancer are:

  • Be lean without being underweight

When a person becomes overweight, they face a higher likelihood of developing serious illness than those who are at a healthy weight. The same can be said of those that are underweight. When you have prostate cancer, you might begin to lose weight, but you need to find a way to stay at a healthy weight. You want to lose those extra pounds, but you don’t want to get to the point where your body begins to break down because you have become too small.

  • Be active for at least 30 minutes per day

Being active is something that everyone is taught to be when growing up. The importance of having a solid workout plan involving cardiovascular exercises, weight training and other activities such as Pilates and yoga.  The basic rule of working out is the more you do it, the better off you will be in the end. When it comes to preventing aggressive tumors from forming, working out more each day is one of the key components needed.

For those that aren’t fans of working out, being active for 30 minutes could include just taking a long walk around your neighborhood and could even be cutting your grass with a push mower. There are numerous different ways around the typical “work outs.”

  • Avoid drinks loaded with sugar and limit your consumption of energy-dense food

Sugary drinks do more harm than good when it comes to just about any situation. A lot of people enjoy having energy drinks like Red Bull because they give you an energy boost for a short period of time. When it comes to the negative effects drinks like these have on your body, they outlast the energy boost you get from them. Adding all the sugar from these drinks to your diet when you are trying to keep your prostate cancer from growing is dangerous.

  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes

Fruits naturally have sugar in them, but not to the same level that you get from energy drinks and sodas. Despite their sugar, fruits are still one of the best things you could eat. Vegetables, whole grains and legumes are also ideal to help fight the aggressive growth of prostate cancer. One of the best legumes you can eat would be beans.

  • Avoid processed meats and limit consumption of red meat

In terms of overall health, it isn’t just processed meats that you should avoid, rather you should avoid processed anything. Processed meats and red meats like lamb, beef and pork also need to be avoided. While many feel that these items taste delicious, part of what makes these items taste so well is what makes these items so dangerous for your body.

  • Avoid alcohol

If you need to drink any alcohol at all, men should limit their consumption in a day to just two drinks and women should stop at just one. Alcohol has negative effects on your body when you are generally healthy and the effects are even worse when you are fighting prostate cancer.

  • Limit the amount of salty foods and watch for high sodium counts

This is a difficult lifestyle change to complete sometimes, but it is one of the most important if you are hoping to prevent your prostate cancer from growing. Lots of store-bought items contain high levels of salt and sodium, so when it comes to working to prevent your cancer from spreading, your best alternative would be to recreate the meals you purchase at the store yourself so you can determine just how much salt and other harmful ingredients are included.

  • Don’t use supplements to fight cancer

Many feel that if they take certain supplements, they will be helping to keep their body healthy. That is actually not the case. This lifestyle change is easy to do and won’t require much work to follow through on.


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