Prostate Massage and Prostate Health

Performing prostate massage or prostate milking can give you an immense relief from prostate related problem. Prostate gland or prostate plays a vital role in the male reproductive system, its function being the production of prostatic fluid, which helps the sperm to survive after the ejaculation.  Factors such as aging and improper lifestyle often cause the prostate to become weakened, which results in poor functioning of the glands and impairment of sexual and urination functions.

Massaging them on a regular basis improves blood circulation in the region. Consequently, the pain related to the inflammation of the prostate and the discomfort associated with it diminishes.

Note that prostate massage is not a new concept. It is a prominent health remedy, which has been used for a number of centuries in the oriental world and is still widely practiced today. Many men report that the prostate massage was the one treatment that finally helped them the most.   



What causes relapse of the prostate glands?

It is now widely believed that stress, anxiety, and non-active lifestyle where one sits too much are some of the causes behind the anomalies related to the prostate. The human body is not designed to spend time working in a seated position for hours with barely any movement throughout the day.  That is often the reason why problems related to prostate occur more in those men who follow a desk bound lifestyle. The blood around the prostate region as well as the muscles surrounding it become stale so to speak, there isn’t proper circulation of the blood, and many nutrients simply don’t make it to the region. The function becomes impaired with time.

The most vulnerable age for starting to have prostate related issues is 50 years and beyond. However, those who have a family history of prostate disorders are likely to suffer from the related symptoms around the age of 40 or even younger.

Why choose prostate milking

Prostate massage or prostate milking is the only remedy which combats the prostate issues at the root. Other remedies such as surgeries and antibiotics never give absolute relief from the problem and their aim is to alleviate the symptoms and bandage the problem so to speak vs target the root of it.

On the other hand, if you do prostate massage regularly you will encourage the gland to work afresh. Also you will not have to take any medication and will not be facing side effects which almost always come together with taking pills.  Moreover, with regular massage of the gland for prevention purposes you stand a very good chance of not contracting any of the prostate diseases later on.

How prostate massage helps you?

The most common form of prostate diseases that you may contract is prostatitis and enlarged prostate or BPH. Here is how prostate massage can help you deal with these issues:

Prostatitis or inflammation of prostate glands

There are two types of prostatitis – bacterial and non-bacterial. In both cases there is swelling and pain in the prostate glands and in case with bacterial prostatitis the inflammation is immense and the bacteria continues to grow. Prostate milking helps in soothing the prostate region and reduces inflammation. Often it removes the bacteria for good without the threat of recurrence. As for non-bacterial prostatitis, it is a more complicated medical situation and its exact cause has not been found yet. Prostate milking can aid in providing adequate relief to the patient in this case, especially during the acute period.

Enlargement of the prostate or BPH

Enlarged prostate or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) causes urinary problems such as insufficient emptying of the bladder and difficulty in passing the urine. It is still unknown why the prostate enlarges and there is no scientifically proven treatment other than antibiotics.

However, prostate massage can help in relaxing the gland, which in turn will relieve the patient of the symptoms related to enlarged prostate. It can also help to slow down the growth process and improve the blood flow in the region reducing discomfort.

Other Benefits of Prostate Massage

While prostate massage can certainly help you eliminate or lessen the severity of symptoms of your condition it can also be used for preventative purposes and to improve the sexual function and enjoyment.

Prevention of prostate cancer and other diseases

It is a fact the medical science has been unable to find the cause and proper remedies for many prostate related conditions. The best thing you can do for your body is to treat it properly so it doesn’t ever have to deal with such issues. By massaging the gland regularly, you can have a healthy prostate and prevent your condition from getting worse. Automatically the threat of contracting cancer and other related illnesses will drop considerably as well. Taking care of your prostate from early on is the key to a healthy future!

Better sexual life

Infected prostate affects sexual health directly. Often the process of ejaculation can come together with burning or itching sensations or the desire to have sex can be absent entirely because of the discomfort in the prostate. Healthy prostate glands mean better sex life. By massaging the prostate the gland will be stimulated to work more efficiently and the secretion process will be back to normal. Moreover, the act of massaging of the prostate is often pleasurable and can even lead to arousal. Many lovers incorporate this tactic into their sexual life on a regular basis.

Lesser chances of developing impotency

Prostate maladies can often be the cause of erectile dysfunction. However, if you practice prostate massage regularly then your chances of developing such condition are a lot less. The massage encourages healthy blood flow in the penis and keeping the function working properly.


prostate massage device


Ways to perform prostate massage

The best way to perform prostate massage is on your own in the comfort of the shower or your bathroom. It is not difficult to self-massage the prostate if you can reach the glands easily with your finger. In case you are unable to do so, you may request your doctor to carry out the massaging on your behalf. However the most efficient and private way is by using a prostate massaging device which was invented specifically for health purposes.

Self massage using a finger

If you are going to do a prostate massage using your finger here is what you should do:

  • Clip your nails
  • Wash your hands with a disinfectant
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Apply water-based lubricant (optional)


Lie down in a comfortable position so that you have complete access to your prostate. Now, insert your finger gently into your anus. Give your body time to adjust to the position. Next, bend the finger toward the abdominal wall and feel the outer skin of the prostate. Start massaging it.

The massage should be soothing and you should not hurry at all and spend at least 5 minutes doing it. During the massage you may be sexually excited and even experience ejaculation.

Prostate massage using prostate massaging electronic device – recommended!

In case you are not comfortable with the idea of manual massaging using your finger you may opt for massaging devices. The problem with using a finger is also the fact that our finger is simply not long enough to do a proper massage. You can find massage devices online and in medical stores.

As there is an overwhelming variety of devices available on the market, it is important to choose a device based on its ease of application and efficiency. Many of these devices were originally invented as sexual toy, so watch out for those as they are not as useful. Purchase only the ones invented as a treatment for prostate health issues. In addition before using it you should read and understand how the device should be operated properly.