When it comes to men’s health, it is easy for things to become embarrassing. If you ever had a pilonidal cyst before, you already know that anything related to your anus region is something that isn’t easy to discuss. The same holds true for prostate health and various preventive measures. The old donut cushion you used to see on television when you were younger are great for laughs, but not so much when you are trying to be discreet about any health problems. For those that spend most of their day sitting behind their computer screen, in a car, truck or tractor trailer or those that have a job that requires a lot of sitting, different ailments and injuries can develop. If you are constantly in the sitting position, you can develop an enlarged prostate, prostate infection, chronic prostatitis or in some cases, prostate cancer.

If your job requires a lot of sitting, this could also make other conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia or chronic pelvic pain syndrome become aggravated. This aggravation will lead to discomfort and could also lead to pain.

There are many things you can do to improve your prostate health, especially for those getting older. If you use a properly manufactured prostate cushion, you can actually improve your prostate health while doing the same thing that would normally aggravate that region.

Reduce Pressure

Plain and simple, if you relieve or reduce the pressure on your prostate, your chances of developing severe pain in the region will go away. With the prostate cushion, the normal damage to your body from poorly constructed chairs and benches will be alleviated and allows for more ventilation. In terms of prostate problems, ventilation is one of the biggest problems that can lead to serious issues.

With the discreet cushion you are:

  • Reducing swelling
  • Increasing blood flow to affected or injured area
  • Reducing discomfort or pain relief
  • Getting more oxygen to cells


Construction of Cushion

Any company can make their own cushion and say it is catered to those with prostate issues, but none can back it up like this product. This cushion is constructed with dual foam layers for optimal support and a center donut-hole cutout. The cushion isn’t like those that instantly drop as soon as you sit on them as it has a strong and durable bottom layer that allow it to be used on just about any surface from a couch to the sand.

The construction of this cushion makes it a great asset to those that have to purchase a new basic donut every few months after they begin to wear down and rip.

Nobody Will Ever Know

As we touched on briefly, any issues involving your anus can be embarrassing, but with this discreet cushion, nobody will ever know that you are attempting to negate any problems before they happen. While most people who sit eight hours a day at work understand the health problems that can develop, it can still be difficult to sit on a donut without being laughed at or having jokes played on you. With the discreet cushion, it appears that you simply have extra padding, but in fact, because of the donut-hole cutout inside a full cushion, you are getting all the ventilation you need to stay healthy without anyone knowing. It doesn’t matter where you are; the Prostate Cushion is designed to help your problems. This can be on your couch, driving to and from work, while you are at work or even at the softball fields watching your kids play.

Magnetic Healing Power

Those looking to use the Prostate Cushion to help reduce their chances to developing any serious conditions will be helped by the fact that these cushions are made with magnetic therapy that has been known to help the healing process. These magnetic devices have been used to heal ailments such as arthritis and other issues with swelling and can now be used to help heal prostate infections.

The Healing of Prostatitis Pain

Another great feature of the Prostate Cushion is its use of soothing warmth. In the cold winter months, you have the option of inserting a small warming patch into your cushion to help warm you up. The warmth feeling will also help to soothe away your pain and is also known to increase blood flow throughout the region.