The Foods You Must Avoid At All Cost

The Foods You Must Avoid At All Cost

foods to avoidWhen it comes to maintaining your health at an older age, it is more difficult for men to remain in the same shape they were in as a child. As you grow older, your body begins to have difficulties fighting off illness and other health conditions. Many people think that another factor that is an issue in maintaining health for men and women is the way fruits and vegetables are being grown and the way farmers are being forced to raise their cattle, chickens and other animals to produce the food on our tables each day. It is because of these methods that there are numerous food choices you absolutely need to avoid to be able to stay healthy. What are some of the foods you need to keep off your table?


For many people, breakfast consists of a fried egg coated with table salt. For lunch, you might add a bag of salty potato chips to go with your unhealthy burger and hot dog. Then for dinner, more salt is added to your dinner plate. This is a reoccurring trend that is seen in many men, but is something that needs to be avoided. Salt is an important part of a diet, but the American diet already features a large amount of salt to begin with, so using a salt shaker with each meal is unnecessary. When shopping for groceries, you need to keep an eye on the amount of sodium in each package. In the case of noodles that are popular with college students and recent graduates on a budget, the amount of sodium found in these packages is scary.

Aside from avoiding processed foods, if you need to add salt to your food, you should use a sea salt like Himalayan as it is unrefined and is more than 80 percent chloride and has other helpful nutrients that will help maintain your blood pressure and also improve the communication between your brain and your muscles.

Canned Tomatoes

A lot of men make the mistake of thinking that canned vegetables are as healthy for their bodies as fresh vegetables. That is not the case. While canned foods can be consumed in moderation, you will want to have a high percentage of your meals being fresh. One of the worst vegetables you can eat out of a can is tomatoes. The thing about this is the tomatoes themselves are extremely healthy and great for your body, but the cans in which they are packaged are not. The tomatoes are filled with lycopene, an antioxidant that has been known to fight cancer, but the cans are lined with BPA – bisphenol-A – a substance that is soaked into the tomatoes because of their acidity. This chemical has been linked to numerous health problems in the past including neurological issues, heart disease, reproductive problems and prostate cancer.

If you need to eat pre-packaged tomatoes or other vegetables, you should look at purchasing those products that are packaged in glass jars or packaging that is labeled as BPA-free.

Microwaveable Popcorn

On a date night in, usually there is dinner and a movie and of course snacks. One of the easiest snacks to consume during a movie is popcorn. It is easy to make, doesn’t make much of a mess and, well, tastes wonderful. Of course, as with many other items, just because it tastes well doesn’t mean it is healthy for you. When popcorn is popped on a stove top and not in the usual bag that popcorn is purchased in, the snack is healthy for you. That is a lot of work for some and that is why the microwaveable popcorn is so popular. The kernels you are getting in the bag are just as healthy as loose kernels, but again, the unhealthy aspect of this food comes from the packaging. The bags of these popcorn packages are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid which actually gets infused into the popcorn kernels. When ingested, this chemical affects the endocrine system of your body and has an impact on your sex hormones. It is possible that this chemical can lead to infertility issues, thyroid disease, testicular and prostate cancers. It can also lead to increased LDL levels and lead to issues with your immune system.

Foods Laced with Pesticides

Unless you purchase only foods that are considered organic, you need to be weary of the fresh fruit and vegetables you are adding to your diet. A lot of these fresh foods are more prone to being contaminated by pesticides used during the growing process. Among the worst foods in terms of being contaminated are hot peppers, grapes, apples, celery, strawberries, spinach, kale, peaches, potatoes, cucumbers and more. Some of these foods when filled with pesticides can become the worst foods that men can ingest. Eating food items laced with pesticides can increase the risk of many cancers including bladder and prostate, and can also lead to other health problems.

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