The New Testosterone Treatment – Axiron

The New Testosterone Treatment – Axiron


For older men, the number of possible ailments and conditions that you can develop sounds like a laundry list of words you never want to hear. As scientific advancements have gone, there have been new treatments and breakthroughs that allow men to help replenish their body with positive nutrients and substances lost over time.

For men older than 40, one of those areas where your body begins to run out of natural substances is testosterone. Anyone that is a fan of professional mixed martial arts might have an opinion on the matter as several fighters have been caught up in a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) controversy, but for average everyday men, getting treatment won’t lead to an unfair advantage above your co-workers. One new treatment for men with low testosterone totals is called Axiron.

What it Does

For starters, the use of Axiron is meant for adult males that have low testosterone figures or none at all. In clinical trials, it was found that the use of Axiron would also replenish your testosterone levels to a normal range within two weeks for seven out of 10 men. Axiron is a topical solution that you apply to your under arm before the application of your deodorant. The solution is meant to go into the blood stream and increases your testosterone levels quickly.


The cost of Axiron depends entirely on the type of medical insurance you have. For those that have no insurance, the company offers a co-pay card program that can allow eligible patients the chance to get the medication starting at $25 per month. The cost of this testosterone replacement method is drastically lower than that you would find with other measures and is one that is safe.

Side Effects

Just like with most drugs, the number of side effects listed on their commercial and on their website is long. Some are far more serious than others and the company suggests calling your doctor immediately if any of these develop.

  • Enlarged or Painful Breasts
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Blood Clots in Your Legs

This side effect includes redness, swelling and pain in your legs after use of Axiron.

  • Possible Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer

Before being prescribed Axiron, your doctor should have consulted you about this possible side effect and determined whether it would be safe for you to use the solution. Those that already have an enlarged prostate gland may also have symptoms that get worse when on this medication. Among these side effects include trouble starting your urine stream, having a urine accident, increased urge to urinate at night, weak urine flow or the inability to pass urine.

  • Reduced Sperm Count with Large Dose

How it’s Used

When you get your first bottle of Axiron, the first thing you are going to want to do is pump your bottle to prime it for use. You will want to pump the bottle into your sink or toilet three times to prepare it for use. You are then going to pump the Axiron into the applicator cup so you can apply it to your underarms without fear of spilling. One important thing to keep in mind if you are going to use Axiron is that it should be applied around the same time each day and only in the morning.

Before applying Axiron to your underarms, you should make sure that you have no broken skin or irritated skin. You will also want to avoid applying the topical solution to any other part of your body including and not only your stomach, penis, upper arms or scrotum.

The use of Axiron is simple and the company has laid out the easy to follow plan for use:

  • Pump Correct Dose Level

The first part of pumping the correct amount of Axiron for each use is to ensure the applicator cup is level. If you are holding it at an angle, it will be difficult to dispense properly each time. As soon as you pump the solution into the cup one time, you will want to raise the cup directly to your underarm for application.

  • Swipe Onto Underarm

The number of applications you will need to make will depend on the instructions of your doctor, but when applying, you will want to start above your underarm and go down and up ending a little beneath your underarm. If the solution drips or runs for any reason, use the cup to wipe it back up. Do not use your hands to wipe up the excess solution as it should not make contact with your body anywhere other than your underarm.

  • Wash Up

After each use, you will want to wash the application cup with warm running water and pat the cup dry with a tissue. You should dispose of the tissue and ensure it makes no contact with the skin of anyone else in your home. If any solution drips into your sink or counter, be sure to clean it up to prevent anyone else from getting in contact with the medication. You should wash your hands immediately after using Axiron.

  • Dress to Cover

The medication should dry completely before covering with clothes, but this process will only take about three minutes. You will want to avoid wearing shirts that will allow the solution to make contact with the skin of any other individuals.

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