The Worst GMO Products to Consume

The Worst GMO Products to Consume

worst GMO productsFor anyone that is new to the current state of the American food system, you might not be aware that genetically modified foods (GMO) are some of the worst items you can put in your body. When you go to the grocery store to buy tomatoes and they have the perfect shape and color you would expect to see, this is because they have been genetically modified. When you go to a farmer’s market and the tomatoes you see are oblong and don’t have the perfect red color all around, these are the type of foods you want to consume because they are all natural.

GMOs have been tested to cause health problems for animals, humans and the environment. Despite the fact that there is more knowledge on the matter now than ever before, companies continue to alter their foods to make them aesthetically pleasing. If you want to ensure you are only putting the best food in your body and want to know what foods to avoid when shopping for groceries, these items should be passed by entirely.


While corn is the main ingredient in many delicious food items, it is also the most dangerous GMO item you can eat each day. The majority of the corn production in the United States is done so as a GMO. In the past, the corn from Monsanto has been linked to weight gain, organ disruption and other health problems.


Outside of corn, soy may be the one ingredient used in the most different foods. Soy can be found in soybean oil, soy flour, vegetarian food items and tofu, and has been modified to resist herbicides. Herbicides are better known as weed killers and can be a dangerous substance when ingested. As of now, a large portion of soy production, close to 90 percent, is done by Monsanto and these food items are all modified to resist Roundup, another herbicide. In the movie Food Inc., Monsanto was the “villain” and their treatment of farmers and their soy products was a major aspect that was in question.


This may be a strange food item to avoid, but cotton is found in cotton oil. Produced mostly in China and India, this is one GMO that you never want to have on your shelf.


When you read the ingredients list on many food items, the word sugar will appear and that might be your first sign to put it back on the shelf. In 2009, genetically modified sugar beets brought into the United States and are another Monsanto item that is made to resist herbicides. Sugar beets should be avoided at all cost and the company has even had issues with the United States Department of Agriculture. At one time, the USDA ordered the company to remove any seeds from the ground.


The amount of dairy products consumed in the U.S. each day and year has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. What makes this so alarming is that many dairy products contain growth hormones that are passed from the animal to the milk, cheese and other substances. Nearly 20 percent of dairy cows in the U.S. have been injected with these hormones and because of that, there is a high possibility that you have ingested these hormones yourself.


This is an additive that is considered to be highly toxic and is used in numerous food items. The main reason why this food item should be avoided is that it is made with genetically modified bacteria.

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