Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Many men think that ED is something to be keeping to themselves and they go on living their lives and not seeking any help. It is important to understand that there are many options out there to help you treat ED, no matter what age you are. Impotence (ED) is normally a symptom of another health condition such as BPH for example or depression, and this main condition must be treated first in order for normal sexual function to be restored in the future.

treatment for EDSome of the most common options available are:

  • vacuum therapy devices or commonly known as penile pumps
  • surgery
  • penile implants
  • injections
  • medications


Penile pumps

Penile pumps are considered the easiest safest way to deal with ED and has no side effects unlike medication option for example. Many report their sexual life significantly improving when they begin using vaccum therapy or penile pumps. In fact, FDA states that vacuum therapy is the safest impotence treatment available on the market today. Buying an ED Pump is a one time purchase and can be used for years after and  they are also covered by  most private insurance companies.


If you are treating a psychological condition such as anxiety or depression with medication, you have to be careful.  The problem is that often the medication for depression and anxiety itself will be the primary cause of the ED, and that is why it is important to always be very vocal and open with your doctor that is treating your psychological condition and never hide the fact that you have ED.

If the medication you are taking is for a physical condition, you have to be careful not to mix and avoid negative drug interactions. Some medications also require for you to plan your sexual experiences and take them directly before the intercourse. In either case, make sure to read everything about the medication you are taking and don’t be afraid to ask the doctors any questions you may have.

Treating ED with Surgery

If you are considering surgery to treat your condition you need to understand that the pain and post surgery recovery time alone are not always worth the results that you are not even guaranteed to get. Many men that do go through surgery still end up having to use  vacuum therapy and other penile devices to help maintain an adequate  erection for the sexual intercourse.

Penile implants

Penile implants are left for the worst case scenario, if all other methods fail.  Doctors consider this method risky and it comes with many unwanted side effects. There are of course patients who report that this type of treatment worked great f0r them, but nevertheless it is better to consider the less drastic options first.

Act now and don’t wait, you can get treatment for your condition! If you want to know what options are available to you, go ahead, make a list of questions and speak to your doctor. You may not need a surgery or penile implant because you may very well have other conditions such as BPH or even a psychological condition that interfere with your ability to perform sexually.  If the cause of your ED is psychological in nature, such as a previous traumatic sexual experience or performance anxiety, talking therapy many be prescribed. In any case seek help today and know that your sex life can be normal way into the old age!

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