Symptoms of Prostatitis

ProstateThe easiest way to determine right in the beginning whether you suffer from any form of prostatitis is by taking  Prostatitis Symptoms Test. Acute prostatitis is a kind of prostatitis where a severe bacterial infection lives in the prostate gland. One of the symptoms of acute prostatitis may be that the patient might feel a strong impulse to urinate instantaneously. Most of the symptoms are associated with the bladder and that is because of the proximity of the bladder and prostate gland.

Generally all the symptoms are related to urination, such as  weak and feeble urinary stream. Patients might get dribbling even when they think urination is finished. Other symptoms of acute prostatitis are frequent urination during the sleep and pain or burning sensation during the act of urination. Often the patient might experience mild to severe pain in the genital or pelvic area. During intercourse patients suffering from acute prostatitis can often suffer pain when they ejaculate. General symptoms are chills, nausea, fever, malaise, fatigue, vomiting, etc.

Another type of prostatitis , chronic prostatitis is a type of bacterial infection in the prostate gland. The symptoms of this type of prostatitis are quite similar to acute prostatitis. The patient might feel a strong urge to urinate without much delay. He might even face trouble getting the urinary system to work. Such patients often suffer from a frail urinary stream and dribbling after the urination is finished.

The most difficult problem is frequent and immediate urination during sleep or night time which often comes together with pain or associated burning sensation at the time of urination. They might face some pain in genital areas in addition to the pelvic region. They experience pain when they ejaculate during intercourse. There might be infections in the urinary tract repeats. Other related symptoms are chills, low energy level, fever, nausea and vomiting, etc.

Those suffering from chronic prostatitis that is nonbacterial might notice symptoms that are quite similar to those of acute prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. These symtoms are: strong desire to urinate instantly, weak and feeble urinary stream, dribbling when one is done urinating, frequency of urination during night, pain and burning sensation during urination, in pelvic and genital regions, pain during ejaculation, blood in the semen, etc. However, they tend to occur and disappear and last over time. Some men might find that the symptoms of this type of prostatitis simply go away on their own without any kind of treatment. But then then usually come back. To prevent them from coming back the patient should pay close attention his health at all times, even when things are good and symptoms are not present.

Another special symptom that can help diagnose this type of prostatitis is the presence of blood in the urine of even semen. Keep in mind, one should be suffering from the symptoms prostatitis for at least 3 months to qualify for diagnosis.

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