How Natural and Alternative Therapies Help Fight Prostatitis

holistic treatments for prostatitisMany studies show that alternative treatments are often a lot more effective than the traditional medical ones. These treatments bring together several approaches that involve the reduction of stress, lifestyle modifications, an increase in nutrition and supplements, proper balancing of hormones and last but not least stimulating the prostate gland with regular massage treatment.

The holistic alternative approach aims to treat prostatitis by naturally restoring the lost balance in our organism and enriching the body as well as the immune system with the right resources so that it can combat infection and control inflammation. Our body is meant to be able to heal itself, but factors such as overall life environment, constant stress and lifestyle habits often get in the way. Below you can find various alternative suggestions for improving your health.

Treating Prostatitis with Supplements.

Apart from providing general health benefits, natural supplements are enormously helpful for the prostatitis patients. Not only do they help to bring the inflammation down but they also alleviate the prostatitis-related symptoms. They supply the body with all the natural ingredients that it is otherwise lacking and boost your immune system to help better fight the enemy.

Studies have shown that certain food items more than others help improve the health of prostate. For instance, cranberry carries phytonutrients known as proanthocyanidins. These elements are useful in discouraging bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls and improving the urination function.

Similarly, green tea possesses catechins that help kill bacteria and strengthen the immune system of the user.

Pollen extract has anti-inflammatory qualities that provide relief from prostatitis symptoms. Many studies have confirmed that pollen extract, which is also called cernilton, can boost the health of the prostate and comes with no critical side effects. Amongst other ingredients to look for when considering supplements are: Vitamin D3, curcumin, saw palmetto, stinging nettle root, zinc, pygeum africanum, and pollen of rye grass.

As supplements are required to be consumed in a certain amount, prostatitis patients are advised to consult their doctors first. Consultation should be sought before deciding which supplements to take and their quantity. In this way, by being under watchful eye of the health practitioner, the patients can avoid side effects and worsening of their condition.

Treating Prostatitis with Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is a fully natural treatment for prostate related conditions and many users report almost instant improvement with regular practice. Prostate massage  is also commonly referred to as prostate milking is basically the massage or stimulation of the prostate gland in males. This treatment has been used for centuries as part of holistic oriental health practices. It stimulates blood flow in the prostate gland, which leads to relief of pain and other symptoms, it reduces inflammation and gets rid of feeling of discomfort and it improves the urinary and sexual functions. It must be performed correctly and regularly for the best results.

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Lifestyle and Dietary Changes

The health of the prostate can be improved, and prostatitis can be better managed by making changes in lifestyle and diet of the patients:

Switching to wheat-free food

Though no studies have been published so far regarding the advantages of wheat-less diet, many patients of prostatitis have experienced improvement in their condition when they stopped taking items made of wheat. These men reported that they found remarkable alleviation or even absolute freedom from the symptoms of prostatitis. Wheat foods to avoid would be: beer, all kinds of bread, pancakes, pizza etc.

Including probiotics

Probiotics, also known as beneficial bacteria, may prove to be very useful for the patients of bacterial prostatitis if they couple it with their antibiotic therapy.

Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are immensely useful in improving general health and that make them very effective for fighting prostatitis. These food items carry minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidant, and polyphenols in huge quantity.

Choosing good fats

By discarding a high-fat diet and following a low-fat one, the prostate gland can be made healthier. The Omega-3 rich low-fat diet is very useful for prostate while high-fat diet is not because it encourages inflammation.

Preferring plant protein to animal protein

Optimal prostate health can be secured by choosing plant protein, as it is rich in nutrients. Studies reiterate that this type of protein lowers the risks of prostate diseases.

Staying hydrated

Prostate health can be ensured by keeping the body properly hydrated. Lack of adequate water in the body ups the risks of dehydration and UTIs, which are, in fact, strong causes of prostatitis and aggravate its symptoms.

Attaining and retaining healthy weight

Obesity compromises the prostate health and increases the risks of prostatitis. Excess body weight in men who are already suffering from prostatitis can prove highly damaging for their prostates. Therefore, it is advisable that men should work towards attaining their healthy weight and stick to it.

A lot of physical activity and regular exercising prevent prostatitis and help in decreasing inflammation. Prostatitis patients can benefit greatly from following a fitness regime.

Stress management

Chronic stress is very damaging to the body and it boosts the risks of prostatitis. Stress weakens the immune system and shatters the hormonal balance in the body.

Moreover, if the person already has prostatitis, stress can worsen the symptoms causing more pain and discomfort to the patient. Therefore, if stress is handled prudently, it will prove very helpful in preventing and managing the disorder. Practice meditation, exercise regularly or find a any healthy form of stress release!

Maintaining good hygiene and leading a healthy sex life

Possibilities of contracting infections can be minimized by practicing proper hygiene. Men should keep their penis and the area around it clean.

Moreover, the role of healthy sex life in keeping prostatitis symptoms at their mildest should be appreciated. By leading a healthy sex life, prostate health can be improved and maintained, and the prostatitis symptoms can be alleviated too.

The prostatitis patients are advised to ejaculate twice or three times per week, particularly if they are consuming antibiotics. However, it is important to practice safe sex always as certain sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea can lead to bacterial prostatitis.

Natural therapies for prostatitis

Myofascial trigger point release therapy and paradoxical relaxation therapy

These therapies help relieve pelvic floor tension. Men, who have non-bacterial prostatitis or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS), typically suffer from this tension. Easing the tension has been known to provide relief from many CPPS symptoms. These are non invasive and totally safe procedures and are generally easily found

Yoga and Tai chi

Tai chi and yoga are forms of exercises that release anxiety, depression, tension, stress and stimulate the muscles. Consequently the health of those practising these disciplines tends to improve.


This healing therapy is based on the principle that the human body has multiple zones. On application of adequate pressure on these zones, relief from pain can be achieved. Knowledge of the method to consult a reflexology chart and the amount of pressure required to get beneficial results are indispensable for carrying out this therapy.


This branch of medicine believes in triggering body’s healing power to cure a disease. Although lacking sufficient scientific evidence in its support, homeopathy is preferred by many patients across the globe in getting relief from prostatitis.

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